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About ufotable official website



■     This ufotable official website (“Official Website”) is managed and operated by ufotable Inc.(“ufotable”, “we” or “us”).



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Please note that lack of response from us to inquiries regarding the use or utilization of such content shall not be constructed as permission granted by ufotable such use or utilization.



■     Content posted and used on the Official Website may be subjected to change or termination without prior notice. We shall not be liable for any damages arising from changes to or termination of the content.



■     We do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content of the Official Website. Furthermore, third-party websites or social media account linked from the Official Website or linking to the Official Website are managed and operated under the responsibility of the respective third parties, and we assume no responsibility for them.


■   We do not accept any proposal of ideas from external parties concerning works, products, events, etc., except for our business partners, in order to prevent unintended conflicts arising from similarity or coincidence of concepts.

Therefore, we kindly request refraining from sending or transmitting ideas to us.

In the event that an idea is sent or transmitted despite this request, please be aware that you are deemed to have agreed to the followings:


– Even if the submitted idea is similar or identical to works, products, events, etc., planned, produced, or executed by ufotable, you agree not to make any claims, complaints, demands, or exercise any rights, including monetary claims, against ufotable, its business partners or related parties.


– We bear no responsibility or obligation whatsoever regarding the submitted idea, including evaluation, response, or the storage and return of materials and data you sent or transmitted.